31 May

ViaSat SurfBeam 2 Pro-Portable Satellite Terminal

The ViaSat SurfBeam 2 Pro Portable Terminal delivers affordable high-speed Internet access via satellite for workers at temporary sites.

Terminal at-a-glance

  • Easily portable high-speed connectivity
  • Ruggedized for operation in harsh environments
  • Utilizes affordable, high-capacity Ka-Band satellite bandwidth
  • Supports high-speed live video uplinks
  • Quick set-up using built-in antenna pointing aid for rapid
    satellite acquisition
  • Integrated 4-port IP router
  • Web GUI local management and SNMP-based remote management and control


  • Satellite news gathering
  • Emergency response and disaster relief
  • Tactical military operations
  • Network access for real-time data acquisition in remote areas

The rugged, lightweight terminal is based on ViaSat SurfBeam® 2 technology and builds on the success that made ViaSat SurfBeam the product of choice for Ka-band direct-to- home Internet service. With more than a million terminals shipped, the SurfBeam network has a record of proven reliability, scalability and performance.

The ViaSat SurfBeam 2 Pro Portable Terminal is designed for users requiring high throughput connectivity in a compact and portable package. Field reporters, remote medical and peace workers, and emergency responders benefit from high-speed Internet with the convenience of “near-instant” connectivity even in locations where no other communications infrastructure is available. The form factor is ruggedized to support operation in harsh conditions and supports multiple configuration options to suit user needs. The complete system, including the satellite terminal and antenna, can be packed into a single case for transit and is lightweight enough to be carried by a single user.

The unit enables fast web browsing and supports video streaming, file transfers, VPN connections, and bandwidth-intensive Internet applications. It is capable of delivering downstream rates up to 40 Mbps and upstream rates up to 20 Mbps, and provisioning tools enable the network operator to create different classes of service with configurable downstream and upstream rates. The modem has an embedded acceleration client that works with acceleration servers in the gateway to provide a faster, more responsive user experience. With four standard Ethernet connections, the terminal natively supports up to 4 IP devices, such as PCs, cameras, and routers as well as other user equipment. The antenna includes a collapsible satellite reflector and feed, transmit and receive electronics. The modem can be deployed attached to or located separately from the antenna.

Easy Installation and Operation

The compact SurfBeam 2 Pro Portable Terminal is designed for a quick and reliable user installation in less than 10 minutes by personnel with minimal satellite training. It is part of a complete SurfBeam 2 system that also includes an innovative Satellite Modem Termination System (SMTS) gateway and Network Management Systems (NMS) that facilitate subscriber management with features such as automated service provisioning, diagnostics, and customer support.

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16 Apr

Comtech CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem

The Comtech CDM-760 High Speed Modem offers an expansive range of symbol rates (1 ksps to 150 Msps) and data rates (100 kbps to 314 Mbps). Run in a duplex setting, this is a staggering 628 Mbps or 300 Msps.

Coupling these speeds with the native Super Jumbo Frame Ethernet interfaces supporting Ethernet frames from 64 Bytes to >10,000 Bytes and the CDM-760 will process Ethernet frames at a blazing (> 1.2 Million packets / second).

Expanding on the efficient DVB-S2 EN 302 307 standard, the CDM-760 again furthers spectral efficiency with its DVB-S2-EB1 (Efficiency Boost) waveforms. DVB-S2 is widely accepted as the most spectrally efficient standards-based waveforms. With our Efficiency Boost technology (DVB-S2-EB1), you can achieve a 10% – 35% increase in efficiency over the DVB-S2 standard without an increase in power or occupied bandwidth. The CDM-760 accomplishes this task by virtually doubling the number of available MODCODs, introducing three new ROF figures (5%, 10% and 15%) and minimizing implementation loss to near theoretical operation. The CDM-760 is software upgradeable to support future standards including DVB-S2 Efficiency Boost, DVB-S2 Extension and DVB-S3.

Implementing Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) operation allows link margin to be converted to user capacity during non-faded conditions by taking advantage of the actual signal to noise ratio rather than calculated worst case signal to noise.

By using the best encapsulation methods, the CDM-760 further increases throughput by using minimal overhead. In G.703 synchronous mode, users can implement monitor and control over the satellite with no additional overhead. When using Ethernet bridge mode, less than 1% overhead is used for encapsulation.

Additionally, the CDM-760 leverages our powerful DoubleTalk® Carrier-in-Carrier® “Adaptive Cancellation” technology. With the ability to overlay TX and RX carriers, Carrier-in-Carrier enables the operator to establish the perfect balance between bandwidth and power, enabling the best possible use of the satellite resource and reducing operating expenses (OPEX).

These technologies alone offer enormous savings to the ISP and telco operator. When used in combination, however, the savings are astronomical. The innovative high-performance architecture of the CDM-760 allows efficient networking and transport over satellite links while supporting a wide range of applications and network topologies.

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10 May

Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator

The Newtec M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator is the new generation DVB-S2, DVB-DSNG and DVB-S modulator specifically designed for broadcast direct-to-home, primary distribution to headends and contribution of television and radio content.

Newtec’s M6100 Next Generation Broadcast Satellite Modulator is not just a modulator. It’s a platform that takes a vital role in your networks, performs the best on the market and helps you evolve your business through ongoing market and technology innovations. The M6100 can be used in conjunction with set-top boxes, professional IRD’s or professional satellite demodulators such as the AZ910.

Delivering the highest uptime for vital links

Uptime and reliability are essential in the design of the modulator, taking a vital role in the satellite network. Input source redundancy, and the shortest redundancy switch-over times of modulators, operating both in 1+1 and N+1 topologies, are setting the standard in our industry.

Advanced capabilities such as a built-in MPEG Transport Stream analyser, support of SMPTE 2022 FEC at the GbE inputs (for distributed IP headends), and native support of Carrier ID insertion in the NIT table of the Transport Stream further increase uptime and QoS.

Get the best performance and lower your costs

The Broadcast Satellite Modulator performs among the best, offering unmatched bandwidth efficiency optimization options, thereby lowering
overall Total Cost of Ownership. The fully automated operation of Newtec´s field-proven Equalink® pre-distortion technology is now available for any satellite transmission application. Equalink pre-distortion provides up to 10% bandwidth gains.

The modulator also supports Clean Channel TechnologyTM, the first in a series extensions to DVB-S2, further improving satellite efficiency by up to 15%, enabling much smaller carrier spacing.

At the output of the Broadcast Satellite Modulator, the signal is available in IF or extended L-band (950 MHz-2150 MHz), providing a compact and cost-effective solution. A switchable 10 MHz reference signal for an outdoor BUC is multiplexed on the L-band interface.

The Broadcast Satellite Modulator can be easily monitored and controlled via a comprehensive front panel menu, advanced web GUI as well as via SNMP protocol. This enables easy integration into any industry-standard EMS/NMS system.

Evolve towards tomorrow’s technology
Built upon flexible and latest generation programmable technology, the Broadcast Satellite Modulator is a future-proof building block that lets any satellite network evolve to the next level of capabilities. A scalable, pay-as-you-grow, licensing and software upgrade mechanism facilitates the launch of new services, or last minute network design changes, without rebuilding the entire network infrastructure. Migration from ASI to GbE and IF to L-band are established using simple in-field installation of license keys.

Additional capabilities such as DVB-S2 extensions, RF Carrier ID and other are anticipated to become available on the platform as
the standardization efforts materialise in the near future.

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23 Nov

MotoSAT MESA 1.2M Motorized Earth Station Antenna System

The MotoSAT MESA™ 1.2M Motorized ESA with its Global Network Management System (GNMS) is moving fixed VSAT communications into a new era of network services.

The MESA is a motorized self-pointing auto-acquiring antenna that can be mounted on either a permanent or portable fixed base. Building upon MotoSAT’s proven mobile satellite technology, the MESA uses tri-axis antenna alignment to provide automatic satellite peaking and acquisition for fixed base applications. It is designed to provide single button satellite acquisition and automatic reacquisition in the harshest of environments.

Cost Effective
The MESA can give you the flexibility of a mobile satellite antenna at a fraction of the cost. Its automatic alignment and realignment is continuously achieved without ever requiring a technician to be onsite, making this fixed base antenna one of the most cost effective VSAT systems on the market. The MESA is easily transportable from site to site, and can be quickly mounted and dismounted in a matter of minutes. For VSAT users located in areas prone to high winds, hurricanes or tornados, the MESA can eliminate costs and outages related to frequent antenna realignment.

The MESA is a motorized Ku-band satellite antenna that uses tri-axis alignment. Each antenna is capable of being configured to automatically acquire every Ku-band satellite worldwide. The MESA is compatible with all satellite modems. Remote monitoring is available via web access.

With the availablility of low-cost broadcasting increasing worldwide on inclined orbit satellites, the MESA is designed to take advantage of these opportunities. Its motorized auto-aligning capabilities for both elevation and azimuth allow it to accurately track inclined orbit satellites anywhere in the world.

Most businesses rely upon terrestrial connections for voice and data communications. When these traditional means go down, whether for short-durations or long-term outages, your enterprise could be without critical services for hours or days. MotoSAT’s satellite to LAN failover systems can provide your enterprise with the assurance that critical services will be uninterrupted when an outage occurs. When the MESA antenna is combined with our EtherSAT™ on-demand service, fixed base enterprises are confident that they have the backup and redundancy needed to keep their critical services supported.

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05 Nov

Iridium GeoPro Messenger

The affordable, rugged GeoPro Messenger device supports global two-way text messaging. Along with hassle-free check-ins, the GeoPro Messenger also makes it easy to call for help in an emergency and provide in-event updates to assist first responders.

Remote Workforce Safety, Location Awareness and Two-Way Messaging Solution. When work takes employees off the grid they often have no reliable means of maintaining communication. Not only does this limit productivity, it also threatens their health or safety in the event of an emergency. The GeoPro Messenger is a life saver in more ways than one.

GeoPro Messenger Features

  • Rugged two-way satellite/GPS messaging device
  • Dedicated two step emergency button
  • One handed non-slip form factor
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
    • Joystick to navigate on-display menus and keyboard
    • Dynamic softkeys for quick selection and response
  • Automated tracking reports with flexible intervals
  • Network/power optimized push messaging
  • Multiple messaging options including free form text and predefined messages
  • LED and audio alerts
  • USB sync for predefined messages, address book and waypoints

Most remote workers lack a reliable and affordable means of
communicating beyond cellular coverage zones. Not only is such
communication essential for productivity, it can be a critical
lifeline when an individual’s health or safety is threatened.

GeoPro stands alone as the only complete remote workforce
safety and productivity solution. GeoPro leverages Iridium’s global
satellite network, GPS, and a secure hosted web application
to deliver unparalleled benefits to remote workers and the
organizations responsible for them.

In addition to supporting routine two-way messaging, the rugged
GeoPro Messenger device helps remote workers check-in with
supervisors, call for help, provide emergency confirmation and inevent
updates. Features like waypoints let employees record the
GPS coordinates of any location of interest and make notes about
it. There are countless applications for waypoints like marking a
fire line, plant species, industrial spill or field equipment needing

At the organizational level, GeoPro provides a 360º remote
workforce view, mitigating risk by increasing management’s
visibility of employee location and status. Easily configured to the
organization’s safety protocols, GeoPro’s rich application services
help management effectively and affordably communicate
with the field, monitor employees, and promptly respond to
emergencies or missed check-ins. The GeoPro system is also
extensible to additional devices, networks and assets.

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26 Feb

Comtech EF Data CDM-750 Modem Fully Configurable

The Comtech EF Data CDM-750 High-Speed Trunking Modem is now fully configurable on our website. You can enter your required options into our Custom Configurator and get an accurate quote within seconds!

The Comtech EF Data CDM-750 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem was designed to be the most efficient, highest throughput, point-to-point trunking modem available. The CDM-750 accommodates the most demanding Internet Service Provider (ISP) and telco backhaul links by offering users the most advanced combination of space segment saving capabilities while minimizing the need for unnecessary overhead. With the ability to process packets at line speed, the CDM-750 will not throttle throughput due to processing limitations.
Beginning with the most efficient coding and modulation available, the CDM-750 leverages the DVB-S2 EN 302 307 LDPC/BCH standard to provide the best possible combination of coding and foreword error correction ensuring that the maximum amount of satellite traffic is transported for a given signal to noise capacity.

Implementing Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) operation (in packet-based applications) allows link margin to be converted to user capacity during non-faded conditions by taking advantage of the actual signal to noise ratio rather than calculated worst case signal to noise. This technology transforms link margin, implementation margin and margin for antenna pointing directly to improved throughput.

By using the best encapsulation methods, the CDM-750 further increases throughput by using minimal overhead. In G.703 synchronous mode, users can implement monitor and control over the satellite with no additional overhead. When using Ethernet bridge mode, less than 1% overhead is used for encapsulation.
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04 Jan

VertexRSI X-Band Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

The VertexRSI X-Band SSPAs incorporate a modular architecture that includes the RF modules, power supplies, logic, fans, and front panel assembly.

Using technology developed for VertexRSI’s ModuMAX™ amplifiers, these rack-mount X-Band SSPAs offer output powers of 100, 125, or 200 watts across the standard 7.90 to 8.40 GHz satellite uplink band. The amplifiers are designed for reliable service in fixed and mobile applications.

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11 Sep

ADTEC DTA-3050 Multiplexer

The ADTEC Digital DTA 3050 Multiplexer harbors 10 ASI inputs, each supporting wire speed, a three-way mirrored ASI output, GIGE, and optional SMPTE-310.

Digital television service operators wishing to aggregate and process MPEG, ATSC, Digicypher, or DVB based services for traditional (satellite, cable, terrestrial) services will find the ADTEC DTA3050 ideal.

Redundancy for ASI and SMPTE-310 is supported with an intelligent built in relay-bypassed switch. The ADTEC DTA-3050 is IPTV and BBTV ready today, it supports multicast and unicast configurations including SPTS/UDP, MPTS/UPD, MPEG and DVB tables. Encryption support includes DVB-CSA with Ethernet Simylcrypt, AES for use with Simylcrypt compatible Conditional Access management Servers (CAS) vendors. The DTA 3050 is ideal for traditional and next generation television networks.

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04 Sep

Codan LBUC Block Upconverters on Satcom Resources

Codan’s popular LBUC series Block Upconverters are purpose-built for satcom-on-the-move applications, while also offering benefits for fixed site and offshore applications.

Satcom Resources has added Codan’s complete line of LBUCs to our extensive offering of C-Band, Ku-Band and X-Band Block Upconverters

Codan’s L-Band IF input 6700 series C-Band and 6900 series Ku-Band Block Up Converters (BUCs) offer a wide range of distinctive advantages and enhanced features for satellite communications systems. Available in a variety of models, the 6700 and 6900 series BUCs provide industry-leading technical performance.

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